I need help

I am new to the site. My picture is sideways..dunno how to fix it..lol
Anyways, I am having major self esteem issues, I can barely leave my house really. Ever since I had my son 3 yrs ago I've been a wreck. The whole smaller boobs, strech marks, and gained weight are terrible. I don't have the money to get surgery, yet I don't know how to go anywhere, or even watch a movie without feeling worse about my self. I can't compare to the females out there. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore. I'm staying in this bubble where I can't get hurt. When I try to do things, like I recently tried to watch a movie, all I do is end up crying.

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justme420 - I am really sorry about how you are feeling. i don't have kids, but i do know what it is like to have image issues. i finally decided to give up on the weight loss and focus on feeling healthy and good. You don't need surgery, but just try getting a little exercise like taking a walk around the block and getting fresh air. I noticed that since i started doing regular exercise outside i feel so much better. I don't even care what the scale says or how it hasn't changed, i genuinely feel better about myself and love the extra rolls on my body and everything. I know it sounds simple, but maybe start with a short walk a couple of times and see if that helps. I hope it helps. feel better!

(and for the picture, is it sideways when you upload it? not sure how to fix it sorry)

From your picture you look absolutely beautiful:^)I used to have those feelings too...but then I just learned to accept my stretch marks and the whole shabang that happens to your body after you have a baby! Be proud of your body sweetie! It went through an amazing thing...carrying a child! Believe me...a man really doesn't care about that!LOL! You are gorgeous and should be so proud of who you are and your physical self!

Focus on your health and being a better person from the inside! It will make you feel great. Looks fade in life...the world has an image that it calls perfect and that is so not true!!! God made us all unique and gave you a purpose only you can do! Any man would be lucky to have someone as beautiful as you!

Keep your chin up and fall in love with yourself!!!!

Much love,

Having a baby is one of the best thing a person can do in this life. Look more inwards, and the distraction of others will fade. And if you need, find some friends that support you. No one likes the aging process of life, but we all go through it eventually.

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juliepd2006 - i love what you said, you are so right, what a woman’s body can do is just amazing, great way to see it in another light.