I need help

Hi, my name is meshon. My mother who is just 38 was recently dianosed with HL stage 4. Non of us saw this coming. I am having a very hard time coping she has been in the hospital now for a month. They just diagnosed her yesterday. They just started her on chemotherapy yesterday. Her kidney's have stopped working, and they put her on the ventolator to help her breath. I need someone to give me a little hope. You see my mom has 5 yo twins she adopted, and the little boy stays in and out of the hospital. As a matter of fact he is in the hospital now. im 23 years old 5 months pregnant andI have a 3 yo. I also have to take care of the twins. I work 5 days a week form 8:30am to 6:00pm Im losing hope. I cant sleep at night I cant eat and I dont think I can make it without my mother. I dont know what to do.

Hello Meshon,

My heart goes out to you. This sounds like a very difficult place you are at. It's hard enough just to worry about your mom, but also to have to think about your children and her children at the same time. It sounds like it's overwhelming. I can't say that I have ever had such challenges, so I can't tell you that I understand exactly how you are feeling.

I pray for a recovery for your mother. I hope that you can find the strength to persevere through this challenge. Life is about how we handle the difficult times. I wish you all the best.


Tough situation. Not sure why she was only dx'ed yesterday after a month in the hospital, but at this point that's immaterial. And her renal failure is troubling.

But you want hope, I'll try: Hodgkin's lymphoma, even at stage IV, is highly treatable and depending on various prognostic factors, can have a cure rate as high as 85%, I don't mean stave-off-the-cancer rate, I mean a cure rate. No other cancer has been studied more, or enjoyed more incredible advancements, or is better understood, than Hodgkin's. Furthermore your mom has some of those prognostic factors working in her favor, namely that she's female and she's under the age of 45.


I can't imagine what you are going thru. I had Stage IV with envolvement of the spleen and lungs. I just finished my 6th cycle May 24th and am in complete remission. I am back at the gym and feel pretty good. (still get a little tired). I know this has nothing to do with her kidney problems but as far as the cancer goes, there is a lot of hope!

Hi Meshon,
This is really tough. The first thing to know is that this is very treatable. Talk to the social worker at the hospital (they all have them) and see what resources might be available to you- there may be some local organizations that can help. Call your local American Cancer Association chapter and see if they have any ideas as well, or go online and e-mail your local chapter. Cancer patients have alot of resources which can be overwhelming, but also very helpful. There is even financial help to all Hodgkins patients- you just fill out a form and have the doctor sign it. Go to the www.leukemia-lymphoma.org for lots of good resources.
Keep eating, try and get some sleep, talk to your mother's doctor, be bold- and keep us posted on how you and your mother are doing.

Thanks everyone for your support. My mother kidney and liver have improved a little, but the doctor says her liver isn't strong enough to start her chemotherapy.Things are still tough, especially financially. I'm trying to stay strong for my brother and sisters and for my children, but it gets harder day by day. I'm staying hopeful that my mother will survive this horrible illness. I"m so use to my little brother being in and out of the hospital near death, I never thought this would happen to my mother. I'm keeping the faith, GOD knows how much we need her. I just lost my aunt the twins real mother in April, and my mom's other sister has cervicle cancer thats progressing. Sometimes I wonder why we were brought here to suffer. I dont have a real strong support system, its just me and my sister who is just 17. We holding on to each other, we only have each other.