I need help

Does any one know ways to stay motivated it is so hard when their is so many people around that are always putting me down.

I feel fustrated and somedtimes that is not worth tring everyone thinks I am a failure anyways!

What sound I so I feel sometimes I won't be able to change all my past habits.


Hi Ana! It is absolutely possible to change your past habits and create new positive healthy ones. I understand how frustrating it can be at times, most especially when you have people around you trying to bring you down. But use that as a catalyst to motivate you even more. When people try to bring me down, I shut them out and it actually motivates me even more. I get a "I'll show you" attitude. Shake off those negative people and focus on yourselves and your own goals. We can't change others, but we can change ourselves. Set realistic daily eating and exercise goals for yourself, and take baby steps to achieve the bigger picture goal. I am here to support you and help you through this. Sending you tons of happy healthy and positive energy.


The hardest thing for me is to change the way I eat. My habits ar really bad. I started making small changes that are good for my weight loss and keep myself healthy.

Yes you are right I am going to shake those negative people. Thank you so much in believing I am capable of doing this and I feel I am not alone. You are such a good person THANK YOU SO MUCH.

So true change starts with me. Thank you for your support. I feel like I am at war with this weight loss but I am not alone =). Thank you for your nice words YOU MADE MY DAY=)





Hi Ana! I hope you are feeling good and positive today. You are absolutely not alone. I am totally here for you, as is the amazingly supportive group here. You are already taking the right steps towards achieving your weight loss goals. First, you are really wanting to make this change, and that's huge in and of itself. Next, you have already started making changes with your eating habit, which is never easy to do. But, it is all about taking these small healthy steps and knowing that it will take a bit of time. You will definitely get there.

Just remember, there are always negative people that will try to keep you down when you are trying to achieve something so positive. My uncle told me his life story and how every step of the way there were people trying to knock him down, and that only motivated him that much more. He is now hugely successful, because he was able to shake off those negative people and instead turned their negativity into something so positive, which was total motivation.

I know that you WILL achieve your goals. I am here to help in any way that I can. Sending you lots and lots of positive energy and always wishing you all of the very best.


Thank you for your support and good wishes I hope I can stay focus and get were I have to be for health reasons that would be great.

But with friends like you the way to a better health and losing the pounds looks easy. Thank you for all the good advice and beautiful words,



Thank you so much Ana! I am always here to help and support you in any way that I can. Always sending you lots of positive energy and wishing you all of the very best.


You are not alone !

a new friend !

SMILE ! You deserve it !


1) Dont eat after 6pm at night...
I find that is one of the BET THINGs.

2) Personally I eat 1 big meal in the middle of the day.

Best to eat a little or lot breakfast but be prepared to be hungry by noon. then larger lunch and last SMALL dinnr before 6pm

They say it is best to eat small amount over the day !

3) CUT Out Raw sugars and such things. Eat WHOLE Fresh FOODS... Just eat your 3 meals a day and NO SNACKS.. An occassional like once a week candy bar or snack is ok.

WHOLE FOODS are ok for snacks too. Best bettween meals.

Good Luck !

Hey Ana,
I find keeping a food diary can help. It pinpoints your food habits and also recognises times of the day when you are at your weakest. And around those times you can make sure that your body is always kept semi full with fruit, then your main meal and maybe more fruit and as puppy recommended in a previous post, plenty of water really helps to drop weight as sometimes the body does confuse thirst with hunger.

Also eating slower and listening to when your body is full really helps. A lot of the time we give ourselves a serving a clean our plates, because it is on the plate, although we may not need to finish it, so just recognise, ok I am full now.

We are all supporting you hun. Just make sure as you are losing weight you are eating right aswel, I'm sure you need a lot of energy for those little kiddies too:)
Everyday is a new day and you are doing fantastic so tell yourself that.

Love to you
Moongal x

No One,





Thank you for such a great advice i will keep a diary of the food I am eathing I hope it helps. I have notice that after some days of drinking water my face looks healthy I had a bad addiction problem with pepsi.

Yes you are right I do need to eat healthy I was not eathing in one point but that just got me really sick last week. This week I am going to try and eat healthy in small portions and not skipping meals.



That's great to hear Ana, so many people fail at diets because they believe not eating is the way to go but keeping a good balance and just eating smaller portions is the better option.

Hope you are starting to feel better about yourself hun. Really love hearing your positivity.

Love to you
Moongal x


After long hrs in the hospital doctors found out I was not drinking enough water and in the central valley it gets as hot as 105 to 103 those were the tempetures last week and to top it off I din't wanted to eat because I was afraid of gaining the weight I have lost.

After that bad experience I been having lots of salads and fruit and vegtables and most important water.




WOW ANA I just got CHILLS !!! and I am crying !!!

Your kind words to me made such an impact ! WOW...

I came here seeking help, but after leaving a positon I HATED so MUCH and it really, I see now, Effected me so BAD !!! I am so much happier to find a place, SAfe Place to share feelings and not be judged and to inspire and help and get help.


I am much more positive since here and my contract ending !!!

Found Excellent position at Medical university my dream, and past time media too, TV and Video work. Also a Dream !

But yes also, I find it is best to do SIMPLE things in life. we get such HUGE and Great Goals but so hard to get and do and keep up.

Simple steps, just not eat after certain time, cut out most sugars and candy. make simple changes more and more and you will do fine.

I am heavier now and I dont care, well some, but I had good model/Female figure and now I am 65kilo to 70kilo so...

OH WELL, I am happy not to be to thin. To thin SUCKS. I was anorexic before... ??? Didnt eat. That is BAD.... And I was Working out a lot and tanning at one time...

I struggle yet with it. I had BAD PLASTIC SURGERY and I look Worse from it, my legs are fat above the knees now and I am lumpy looking. BAD Plastic Surgery !!!

I would have done better to just lose weight.

So, now I try HARD to COPE with who I am.

I am NOT my Weight and I am Beautiful INSIDE... even out... some ;-)

Man I am getting positive, thanks !!!

best of luck and PLEASE keep in touch. I will be on here I hope once a weeks or so. I will get busy soon with work in September...

You have a Friend !!!

Ciao and PEACE !!!

Hi ANA! I am so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital but thrilled that you are ok and taking care of yourself. You showed us how important it is for us to stay hydrated in the heat and give ourselves proper nutrition when dieting.

I am sending you tons of positive energy and praying for you. I am just so happy that you are here with us and doing well.


HI THANK YOU for stoping by.

Yes I was in the hospital for two days I am happy tha bad choices took me there because I would still be doing the same I realize eathing bad can damage your health.

Yes it is important to not stop eathing just learn how to make better choices on what we are going to eat.

THAK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT FRIEND!! Thank you for your prayers I need them so much..



Hey Ana,
So glad that you are out of hospital that they figured out what was wrong so soon. You poor thing, it must be good to be home again.

Plenty of water in to you now girlie :)

Love to you
MG x

Ana, I learned the very hard way how damaging poor eating habits and no eating can be to my health. I was bulimic and really did damage to myself. It took years of healthy eating, exercise and taking vitamin supplements to recoup my health. I will never ever go back to that ever again. I will never put my body through that again. Unfortunately we sometimes have to hit rock bottom, like I did and it seems you did by ending up in the hospital, for us to really be able to climb up and out. I am just so happy that it wasn't anything more serious.

It wasn't until I found my happy place with food and nutrition that I've been able to really maintain my weight and feel good about myself. I don't put foods in my body that I know will make me feel bad; I focus on healthy, nutritional foods that will make me feel good. I've created this lifestyle of eating healthy and working-out.

Starvation is never the answer, you are harming your body and will re-gain the weight two-fold. Taking small steps every day to improve your diet and exercise is the way to go.

I know that you are on your way now! You can and will do it!

No One

I am happy that you have a better position and most important that you are happy.. It is great to talk to people here.


I am happy that you are every day more positive.

WOW that is grea I am sooo happy for your new position you deserve it. =)

Goals are always hard to complete them but there is nothing that can't be done remember the sky is the limit. Thank youfor the advise the biggest weekness I had was the sodas but I have not had one in a long time I an so proud of myself for that =).

Yes anorexic is a bad illness and it's so hard to control.
plastic surgery is aoption manny of us consider but try not to focus on that you are beautifull inside and out.




I am happy I made it out also =). I will never so that to myself food is so important to us. I just need to watch what I eat.

Well I made a bad decision I have lost some weight and I was afraid on getting it back that I decided not to eat just drink water that din't helpit just got me sick and sent me to the ER for some days=( but now I know better lesson well learned.