I need help!

Ok so I am a nympho/sex addict. Im trying a long distance relationship... The guy Im dating doesnt like sex and Im trying veryyyy hard to stay loyal to him. I really love this guy( you may be like you never met him or your not with him personally so how can you love him).... Lets just say I havent been loyal or cared about being loyal in any other relationship when I wanted to have sex I did; with him I dont want to cheat. My question is how can I stay faithful and not want it so bad. I hate being this way!!!

Now when you say that he doesn't like sex is it something like his religious beliefs? or he just doesn't like the act? Did something traumatic happen to him? As for your urges I would suggest a hobby of some sort, working out, reading a good book, or just being around good friends who are supportive... I'm no expert but I hope this helps.

I think its that he doesnt like phone sex or sexting. He lives far away. I will try to find a new hobby I didnt think of that. Thank you

Just a suggestion but maybe try video chat like Skype or Oovoo... I know a couple of people in long distance relationships and this helped them out majorly!

the important thing is that you satisfy your needs with him, not someone else. Skype, sexting or anything else that satisfies your needs should be discussed. It should be mutual.

talk about common goals and dreams, make a bucket list together so you know why he doesn't like sex?