I need help

I need help

What's wrong?

I'm having severe depression. And it's getting to where I have thoughts of suicide everyday. I won't go to a doctor because they scare me. So this is my only option

What is the cause of your depression buddy ?

I'm not quite sure. I've been in constant pain from an ankle injury for over a year. I play college soccer and haven't been able to play because of two surgeries on it. But a couple people that know about the depression think it might be chemical cause my mood fluctuate alot

I think the best thing for you to do is to visit a doctor because although you may be scared of them they are there to help you and they won't judge you. They will help and support you to the best of their ability, trust me

No I can its out of the question almost

If that’s how you feel then don’t but you will regret it. I was scared to visit the doctor at first but after I did I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder

I can't I'm panicking to even talk about it.

I know its hard to talk to people about it

It's hard to talk to anyone. I feel alone