I need logic and facts

Hey all,
I'm a smart woman, but when it comes to ED and logic, all smarts go straight out the window. I'm looking for explanations on the following topics im struggling with...Maedi and Dani I know you're both personal trainers so perhaps you guys could shed some light...

Obviously I suffer from severe exercise addiction, it's killing me - literally. I was told if i kept up what im doing 6 months I would likely die.

I work out intense for x amount of hours daily and strive to burn x amount of calories. I do cardio, free weights and circuit training (resistance).

I've been told to reduce the time and frequency of my work outs and that i MUST add protein into my diet ASAP. Ideally my doctor would like me to work out no more then 3 times per week at half the amount of time that I normally do.

Can you explain what the hell happens on the days where i dont work out? If i eat, the food just sits in my stomach with nothing to burn it. I understand BMR but I also understand i have fucked mine up big time and my body requires very little calories to function now. So if i dont exercise i feel like i will restrict severly on those days because the calories will just stick to me and not be burnt off...

I'm lost and need guidance, Sunday will be a non exercise day for me, it was supposed to be today but i gave in and went :/Please help me to understand this!

gina, you are basing this on the very lie of soceity that says 'eat less , work out more'! BS! this does nothing but destroy your body...and hurt you and it is not true. your body needs calories---enough calories to function and live and you do not need to work out for your body to still NEED those calories. you do not need to restrict on the days you are more active as your body will know what to do with calories. gina, your body is not stupid by any means. your body is an intelligent gift that needs calories and care to survive. it does not have to work out constantly to deserve food/calories.
your body is a remarkable mechanism that needs nutrients to function and with out it, it simply gives out. you need not work out ever day nor do you need to restrict on days you dont work out. your body is alot smarter than you give it credit. it is miraculous. it KNOWS what to do with food and it will NOT make you fat like you think. this is just ED lies. once given nutrients, your body will use it for energy and the ability to function. it will not immediately turn to fat like you think. it also needs good nutrients on days you dont work out. your body simply needs food on active days and slower days. there are no food rules based on your day's activities---nor do you need to restrict on days you dont work out.

but gina, the thing is this---if your doctor said that your excercise addiction could kill you---you need to heed to what he/she said and really THINK about what you are doing. cause what if you listen to ED and then end up in tormentous pain or--end up with serious damamge--then what will you do??? the point is ---what does ED have to do to you before you realize----he is a murderer and not a freind?
is weight gain really bigger fear than death? think about it...
and if you did eat--you will not get fat but a wonderful healthy weight--- you will not get fat like ED is lying to you....

hope this helped


hey hun, i'm sorry you were given such a huge shock by your doc. but in a way i'm glad because i knew where you were heading. did they say exactly why you are in such danger? blood test results? or simply cause of your negative calorie intake vs output?

you're completely right, your metabolism will be completely screwed (as it is for all of us i assume). but the human body is amating in its adaptations and you can help make your metabolism work in no time again.

i cannot exactly predict what will happen; it partly depends on your current weight and body composition. by reducing the amount of your work outs and changing your food intake you may gain a bit of weight if you are currently underweight and with little muscle mass, you may actually stay the same weight (or even lose some inches) if you are normal weight with some muscle mass.

points are: you will make the changes gradually simply because it's impossible to change it all at once. this will give your body time to adjust. i know it feels as if you would put on loads of pounds at once but that is not the case, and i'm speaking from personal experience. i once went from eating hardly anything and doing loads of cardio on top of my weights to eating 6-7 times a day and mainly training weights with cardio only 2-3 times. i was normal, healthy weight to begin with and i was dead scared of gaining more weight eating so regularly and so much. boy was i wrong: i ended up with a stronger, leaner and lighter physique (which i could actually look at without puking).

what i'm trying to say:
- you will not put on unhealthy amounts of weight
- your metabolism will recover by being fed mor regularly and hence fired up to burn more efficiently
- your metabolism will function better by giving your muscles rest to recover
- your metabolism will be more efficient because adding more protein and having rest days will help build/preserve muscle tissue (the more muscle the higher your BMR)

what helped me to get into eating better (at the time) was using whey protein after workouts. i could mentally handle it because it is basically 80% protein and thus not very many calories. then i learnt that after your workout even carbs are basically burnt right away, so i was able to make my protein into a whey-banana-smoothie.
the first feew weeks i maybe gained a few pounds but over time i lost more than those.

so to summarize: take it steady, don't try to do it all at once. yes your longterm goal is basically halfing your exercise but set shortterm goals first. one day less to begin with. one more portion of protei throughout the day. and maybe increase the goals weekly or two weekly.

you can do it hun. remember, this is about your life! and it ain't gonna let you go!!! love you too much.


Thanks for the info ladies, I guess what I was more looking for was a general explaination of how it works, ED aside.

what exact questions do you have? i'll try to answer them more clearly.


It's okay Maedi, dont worry :)

seriously gina, i wanna help wherever possible. ask and i’ll try to find an answer. an honest one, a factual one.

please try not to feel too uprooted by all this. i know it all sounds like a major change in your life, and already a small change can be terrifying. but so far, any change that was required of you, you adjusted to in the end. you can do this. you’re one of the strongest women on here, you just have to see what you’re capable of.

Just let us know if we can help :)

At this point, i'm really doubting anyone can, but thank you.

YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. Keep your head up. I believe in you just like you believe in everyone here, you support all of us and now it's your turn. You are beautiful!!! Just look at how much support you have provided! You matter to all of us and we want you to get better. Like I said I'm starting treatment for the first time and i know it is going to be hard, part of me even feels like no one can help me. Like i've fallen into a hole where food will never actually stay in me. Think positively and let people help you. Please don't doubt yourself!!! Message me if you ever need to talk about specifics!!!!!!

Thanks Sonrisas, it's not that i dont want to get better..its all the fear associated with getting better that i just cant take. When do you start treatment? I am starting inpatient care late jan/early feb..

It's ok I'm scared too...of someone taking control of my life. But it hurts so much and i'm miserable and want to be happy again. I'm doing a half day intensive outpatient since i'm at uni currently. I start in a week and a half :/

sorry i posted that twice :p

Good for you :) I have to do inpatient, day patient and outpatient :/ aparently im really fucked up :/

It's the disease. I feel the same way every day. I just can't do inpatient because of uni. Have you ever been to treatment before?

I did outpatient group therapy, I failed. I'm mostly scared about inpatient; there are only 4 beds for inpatient care for ED's and generally reserved for those in deathly need of help, i dont see myself as THAT sick :/

you should always have after care following inpatient anyway so dont feel this is a sign of the severity of your illness. id be glad to already have sorted what happens after IP (if that even happens). it will all only help you with these horrible psoblems, these things that make you hate yourself, hate one of the most wonderful human beings ever!
the change that comes with any therapy is scary as hell but we know we need that change. we need it, or we die, one way or another. so open up to it. both of you can do it, you're fighters, you're soldiers, preparing for battle!!!

But yet they are opening a bed for you. Just get yourself in there and things will begin to look up. I know it's hard again I don't see myself as sick either but the psyc I saw made me go straight to intensive outpatient and I guess I trust her...kind of. But they wouldn't be admitting you if you didn't meet their "standards of sickness" i guess you could say to be there. Be open to getting help and accept the change and treatment gradually. Nobody can force you to move faster than what is comfortable for you.

Today is the day. Its only a little past 5 am, I havent slept for hours. No gym today....no gym today?! My mind is going crazy, I feel my stomach getting fatter, my thighs growing out of control and a triple chin forming right now as we speak. Guilt - it's eating me alive.

Let yourself be overcome by the voice that says today is the day not the voice convincing you you're fat (because you're not!!) I understand the sleeping. You didn't purge yesterday so thats good. Go into today with the same attitude you can do this