I Need More

I have been reaching out for help with my personality issues for 40 years and I dont think I am any better off for it today than ever. I feel like there is no hope for me. I can't imagine ever resolving my issues. I can't imagine what that version of me could possibly look like. When I ask for help, it seems that therapists and others ask me to try out exercises like going out and talking to people. I have been doing these things for years, but my sense of belonging never comes. I end up making people uncomfortable with me no matter how many different ways I try to connect. I fear that there is nothing for me but loneliness and misery and I can't find hope.
Again this week, a therapist has refused to keep seeing me. What now? I need someone, something to make a difference for me.

Things do happen for a reason, maybe you will find a better and more understanding therapist. Also, if you have time, please read a post (section caffeine) "There are no hopeless situations".It is very powerful and interesting. God bless you.

There is no reason good enough to be worth the pain I have been in for years. If my situation is not hopeless than the hope must be in someone else, for I have searched myself for decades and I cannot find it, Therapists can't seem to find it either.