I need some advice. How do you use coping skills when you ju

I need some advice. How do you use coping skills when you just want to give up? & no one cares enough to ask or see if your okay?

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You answered your question by posting to this site! I have gone through lots of times where I couldnt be bothered. I was finished making sense and pleading ignorance... It is a very painfull place to be. You just need to say that you will do what it takes to stop the pain. Living in the pain is much harder.

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@Alllitup that’s very true! Thank you :slight_smile:

I've been there. What I discovered along the way, there are many forms of coping. If one way of coping doesn't work, try another. As well as, going through that pain, in its own way is a form of coping. Sometimes we focus so much on those that don't care that it affects us enough to believe that no one cares. Obviously, you care. Right? You care enough to express your feelings, Care enough to be here and try to understand or get help from a support group. Instead of focusing on those that doesnt care, aim focus on those that do care. They are there, its just that they've been overshadowed by those that doesnt. I had many people care about me, but I was so focused on 1 person, (the person who hurt me), it seemed as if no one cared. We all do that when we're like this. We ignore the positive and dwell/ focus on the negative. While we hurt, anythig negative amply itself much more. Thus we create stigmatism. You care about yourself and i see that. Take notice of those around you that do care. It maybe hard for you to see it because you feel the way you feel, but they are there. Dont give up.

@Noctis that just made so much sense. The hurt is so overwhelming & powerful tho. Sometimes I just wanna give up.