I need some help. My wife and have been seperated for about

I need some help.
My wife and have been seperated for about 18 months. She left, mainly as a control ploy it turns out.
Now she wants to move back in, and she has positioned herself as needing to be rescued, and is pulling out the stops on control patterns.
My therapist advised the would be a very bad idea, but it is turning out to be so hard for me.
I need to send her an email explaining that it would not be good for me, and I am struggling to have the courage to do this and how to word it.
I don't want to be hurtful, but for once I need own my life.

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stay strong. You can do this. Remember that you would like to be there to support her, as she must be going through a hard time, yet the truth is that she left, and has made her choice. She is deserving of love and support but not at the expense of your self worth, mental health, and peace of mind. It sounds like she might not realize this, and might not understand what mutual give and take in a relationship looks like.

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@Aura82 Thank you! That was a great post. It turned out better than I thought it would. For so long I have not been able to be open about my feeling and problems, because of fear of rejection. I totaloly own this, it is not her fault.
It is hard for her, and I will be as empathetic and helpful as I can, but I have to learn just where the boundary lines are.