I need someone to understand how hurt I have been and to tel

I need someone to understand how hurt I have been and to tell me why me? I know I am better than this and deserve so much more I free I truly need help. This is my cry for help do anyone get it?

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I'm here. There is no why. It's frustrating, but some people just treat others like crud. I'm so sorry you're suffering because of the hell you've been through.

Thank you it was not easy to even take this step but I feel I deserve better than the abuse I have been dealing with

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@goldenlady …tell me a little about it; whatever you are comfortable with divulging.

I truly think it started the first year I met him he used me for what I had and who I was to be honest and wanting to prove I could have it all cause me to fail I married a liar cheat addict hater that abusive me anyway he could and somehow I thought he loved me? I didn't even really understand to lately.

@goldenlady how long were you together and what is your status now? How long have you been apart?

15 sad and lonely years I and maybe a couple of months without him he always does things to make it seems like its my fault even when it's not he convinces me I am wrong even when he cheated on me. I am still married but want a divorce it just have not been easy on me.

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@goldenlady …that’s called manipulation. He knows how to play his cards to make you fold. I lived with manipulation tactics for 3 years in a relationship that served as an escape from my previous prison with a cheating and neglectful husband. From the fire to the frying pan. Ugggh. What’s important is I got out. With a controlling manipulative man lime that the only way is to make a clean break and never look back. Its been 10 mi the now since I broke up with him. I can’t acknowledge his existence when he is trying to be nice on text or an email because its just a ploy to get me back. I’m afraid that’s the only way. Because we are vulnerable to their tactics we just can’t allow them the opportunity. They will say anything to keep us under their thumb if insults and emotional abuse to make up for some emotional deficiency or scar of their own. For my own self-preservation I had to make the clean cut, maybe you feel like you can handle it some other way but I pray you don’t lose yourself in another 10-15 years of dysfunction and misery.

Don't believe him and take on that guilt, it's not your fault that he cheated, he made that choice. I'm so sorry and I'm here with you.

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