I need to get over this man...I feel like I'm stuck with him

I need to get over this man...I feel like I'm stuck with him because of the herpes... I'm terrified of moving on creating something new. No one will ever accept me and how can I tell someone I have herpes without them running and telling a mutual friend. I'd be humiliated. I'm looking forward to a sexless, lonely life as a single mother of two

Speak for yourself...I plan on getting rejected and dumped one million times if I have to because eventually someone I really like will say yes. All that matters is that one yes because who gives a **** about the no's at that point. I for one love sex so I plan on having lots of it. I also won't be lonely either because I can share the company of another without our genitals touching. Just because you can't give him your vagina doesn't mean you can't capture his attention with your smile, your wit, or your big heart. It's going to suck getting rejected but just come here and collect yourself then try and try again. I will be trying until I'm to old to remember who I am because I believe there is someone for everyone.

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I really needed that...

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Love your work @ ericam18. I have 4 guys im talking to right now and if i progress with any if them i will tell them. I was diagnosed in may, i have had sex with 2 guys who didnt blink an eye. I know at least 3 others who dont care. If you think the way you do then thats how your future will be.. harsh but true. Too many people think their life is over, that everyone is going to judge, tell the world, bolt whrn you tell them....its far from true. Look at how many have it and are in relationships.
Challenge the negative thoughts and get on with living. Its not terminal.

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Thank you!

There are dating sites for people with diabilities and herpes is one you ca select. Why be stuck with someone you are not happy with.

I also thought like that and the best thing I did was realize I'm worth so much more. It's about being confident. A man is going to want to be with you but if you already think that way of yourself they will too. In positive you could find someone to love you.

I feel exactly the same way as you..I am in a very bad relationship and I need to get out but I don't think I could ever tell someone I have herpes..I feel like they will find me disgusting or as you said tell a mutual friend

There is no reason why you should feel disgusting or anyone else will find you disgusting that is all based on your own assumptions about what people think. there are more people who have herpes and there more people wHo understand it and do you think that is really no big deal

You will have to get to know the guy first but trust me, if he loves you he'll be ok with it. Sounds so cliche but it's 100% true.

I feel the same way.. I'm in a ****** relationship n I'm only staying because I have herpes with him

@tattoogirl95 you cant rely on a man to make you happy. Better be single than in a sh1t gig. There are guys out there i found it true

Cant rely on a guy to make you happy. Rather be single than in a sh1t gig. There are guys who are accepting of it.

I was once their staying with the horrible guy that gave me herpes, really was a scumbag but sometimes I think GOD that he put herpes in my life because, without this I would still be in a physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive relationship. Herpes gave me the courage to realize that I don't deserve someone that didn't care about me enough to save me from this virus, or even have a bit of symphony for giving it to me. Herpes gave me the courage to move on even if I would have to be by myself for the rest of my life.

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Good for you. I see it can make us more selective and have more respect for ourselves.

When my emotionally abusive ex gave me herpes I was like, well I guess I have to stay with this guy now cuz who else would ever want me. Thankfully I had a moment of clarity and left him since hed lied to me about having it. Best decision ever! Id rather be alone than in an unhealthy relationship. I know ill find someone and you will too!

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@srachel205 how long had it been since you left him

@Heart77 its been about a year. Up till now ive been too nervous to go after anyone for fear of rejection, but I think its time to try. Id rather be rejected a million times than be with a jerk!

@srachel205 there are people that are accepting. How long did it take you to finally get over him?

@Heart77 it took a good six months of missing him and being depressed. Now I look back and I’m disgusted with him. So you’ve found people who are accepting? I just don’t know how to go about telling people