I need to hear some positive stories about people recovering

I need to hear some positive stories about people recovering from heroin addiction....... My son is serving six months in jail for drug charges. Prior to this he was struggling with a heroin addiction. Several failed attempts at at different rehabs. As much as I hate to say it...... He's safe where he is and he's sober. He's talking about going to a halfway house when he gets out because he know he can't return home. But I'm scared...... So many posts I read and none very positive please tell me there are people out there that have overcome this addiction.... :(

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It is a very hard drug to come off and treatment for it is so inexact, often people are great while in treatment, but start right back on again after they leave, much like your son. Hopefully with 6 months sober under his belt and required drug tests in a halfway house and as a condition of his release, he will be able to stay clean. Hugs-CK

My son is a 22 year old heroin addict and he lies to me every single day. All he wants is a roof over his head and money from me. My wife passed away over 6 years ago so when it gets tense in my house, it's one-on-one and the argument continues until I give in. I miss my wife a lot every day, but I think I would be stronger against his argument if my partner was besides me. He's been arrested several times over the years and always seems to "beat the system" because they don't want to waste their time with the small fish when the overall drug problems is so large. How do I proceed when he refused to get help even though he admits he has a problem? As far as I'm concerned the legal and mental health systems have failed him and me in getting treatment. Where do any of us go for help?

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My son is 21 and a heroin addict. It is not an easy road to recovery for them, but it is possible so I'm holding onto hope that my son, along with so many others out there, beats this addiction. My GF has 2 kids (grown in their early 20's) who both are addicts. One is clean and the other got clean while serving time in jail. It is possible for them, but they have to believe that fighting their fight everyday from using, is all so worth it. So we, as parents, pray! And me personally...I've been praying a lot since my son's recent overdose. Nothing scarier then having to do CPR on your child and then realizing the call to 911, got him arrested on top of everything else.

I have good news. 32 years clean!

I hope knowing your not alone and that others are dealing with these kinds of issues helps, my son has had addiction issues since 16 it started with alcohol and went to using other things , there has been times in his life that he has dealt with life responsibly and done well for awhile and times he hasn't he may face jail for not paying child support not that he can't he's just back to using I don't know what and not taking care of responsibilities . Today his dad and I put the hammer down , no more help from us, he has to feel all the effects of his actions , if you want more in life you do more if you want change you must change your life . It's a constant struggle for us but sometimes not helping is the best way to help , just offer emotional support and love and patience but his responsibilities are his alone, that's what works best for us , we've had ups and downs in the last 14 years the ups with him last awhile and are good but the downs takes time and every time we have to remember to love him and offer love and patience and maybe a listening ear but he has to do the rest

Awesome news to Angostin for so many years clean! My prayer for my son is when he returns to the real world that he too will be able to stay clean. The past year has been tough...... Really tough. Two of his friends overdosed, he witnessed one and called 911 but somehow even after that he used again. He has been in trouble with the law several times but too got off easy except this last time. My husband and I told him we would not help him with his legal issues but he accepts that. Realizes this is his problem. This last time the judge was tired of seeing him in his court house which honestly I'm thankful for the officer that arrested him and thankful for the judge sending him to jail. Otherwise I'm not sure if he'd still be alive today. I have pleaded with public defenders in the past to try to force him in rehab......it is the worst experience trying to get someone the help they need. I struggled with the insurance companies.... What a nightmare. They wait until you are on the streets or have overdosed before they will help you. Anyway I'm rambling now....... Sounds like some of you have been through the same experiences. Yes staying positive...... Something I need to work on. Stay strong everyone! Those that have love ones with an addiction and to those with an addiction....

My son's hearing was today. 90 days jail for him and he has to do their drug program. As hard as it will be, I will at least know he will be safe for 90 days.

Mom717, that's wonderful news. Congratulations to both of you. This is to let you know that we actually go to the jails to carry the message of staying clean. We ask those who want to stay clean to contact us when they get out and then we sponsor them. This can be very rewarding or disappointing. I hope your son decides to stay clean. I hope this is the case where you live. The important thing for you though is to avoid giving him any financial help at all anymore with the possible exception of paying for his first few weeks rent in a sober house while he looks for a job. The sad truth is that only he can keep himself clean. If he doesn't want to stay clean, there is nothing you can do to change that. If you try, you will wind up making your own life unmanageable and he will still be using. I did not wake up till my enablers cut me off completely. Please take care of yourself and let him accept responsibility for his own life.

For the past year, I've been doing that...making him see that I'm done supporting him. I had co-signed for a car (before I found out about the drugs). Last summer, I took the car (since it was also in my name) and turned it back into the car dealer and paid off the lease so that my credit didn't get ruined. It took a long time before I got my husband onboard with that decision. Shortly after this past Thanksgiving when he told me he was using again and wanted rehab, took him there. He got out the day before Thanksgiving and by that weekend was using again. Took me a few days to figure it out though. UGH! But then I shut off his phone. And he still found ways using apps on the internet to reach out to his drug buddies. Well, then in January when he overdosed, while at the hospital, I told him he either goes into a rehab center for a minimum of 30 days or he can't come home. He chose no rehab, so he had to leave. These past several weeks have sucked! I know he's on an emotional rollercoaster as are we. But to show him I'm there for him, I went to both his hearings. The judge is giving him until Monday to say his goodbyes and what-not (can't believe he did that) so had him come home to see his one brother, nephew and his dad. We talked for a bit. He knows I don't believe that he's clean. He gets pissy with me when I say that and tells me that he's done with it because of the fact he almost died. He got one of those batches that had that fentanyl (sp?) in it. I know it's time for me to start living my life again...and once he's in jail, yes I'll probably sleep better...but it's still hard not to be angry. Thanks for listening and I hope one day my son can say he's clean for as long as you have been.