I need to sleep ! I've tried melatonin and it doesn't work

I need to sleep ! I've tried melatonin and it doesn't work. Tried some the OTC sleep stuff but I don't get to sleep but feel hung over the next day. Warm baths and warm milk doesn't work either. I'm allergic to narcotics / meds . Any suggestions ?

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I have the same problem. I take amitriptyline and it's not a narcotic.. It works some.. I think my body has become to use to it and it doesn't really work any more. I know this sounds bad but medical marijuana helps me more now lately. I take the capsules though.. Try some relaxing tea's.. Also meditation helps me.. I use YouTube for many things. They have nature sounds and storm sounds help me sleep. Especially the heavy rain sounds... Good luck.. Hugs :-)

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Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them.j

YES I have been suffering with cfs for many years. i was basically disabled could hard to anything and as time went by i got worse and worse. I am 60. I finally have my life back and am happy again. i sleep all through the night first time in five long horrible years and no pain. not a drug. [email protected]