I need to stop

but i don't know how.

hi, welcome to support group....


Have you sought out professional help? That would be a good next step if you haven't.

Welcome to support groups...
Do you think you can provide some more info for us?

one common thing to wellness it seems is just letting everything out. esp to others who dont know you, but are going through the same as you.

Good luck-

welcome to the site, hun!
would you want to share a bit more about yourself? maybe we can help :-)


thanks for welcoming me:).
i don't really know how to use the website,
any advice?

just post ur feelings. Try not to post specifics on ur weight or calories etc. Its a trigger. If ya forget, someone will kindly remind ya, as they did me ;)

Have a good day,

We're all here to help. Welcome.