I need to talk to someone. my meno has me crazy. and i am wo

i need to talk to someone. my meno has me crazy. and i am worried my relatioship may be over.
just having a hard day.

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Hey lady...how are you today? I'm sorry you have been struggling. Sending prayers and hugs your way!

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thanks, quite down, so i won't bring you down.
try again soon, appreciate your response, hope you are doing well.

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So sorry you're having a tough time. Is it the summer heat? Stress?
My hot flashes have been off the charts lately, and because of COVID-19, my hubby and I have essentially been locked in the house since March. I love him, but it was easier living with him when we were both going to work. Thank goodness I still run and/or bike in the mornings. Otherwise, I'd have very few ways to get rid of stress.
I hope things get better for you.

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@kate-W THANKS KATE. oh meno is driving me crazy, so hot all the time.
my hubby is long distance right now, missing like crazy, i am. but work has him elsewhere, for now. we are actually in different countries right now. The virus is getting to us too…no safe place to go right now. Glad you are exercising alot…so good for you. It is so hot/humid here that a walk is melting me so pretty stationary, myself. thanks for the message, kate, nice to meet you. be safe.