I need to vent about the CDC! Rules changed last year, and i

I need to vent about the CDC! Rules changed last year, and if you take pain meds, you cannot take benzodiazepines. For three years, my doctor had no problem with me taking both. Then, soon after our sons suicide, he told me I needed to choose. Since my pain was intolerable and my anxiety was not a problem, I went off the benzos. Now with my blood pressure and palpitations, my anxiety has maxed out. The cardiologist told me to get my anxiety under control to control my BP. Saw my doc today and went back to taking anxiety meds. That means no pain meds. I will have to wean off them or go into withdrawal. And the pain will be out of control. All because people can't take their meds as directed and are overdosing. How is this fair to people who absolutely need both? I have not managed to kill myself, by taking my meds like I am supposed to. I will be stuck in bed, unable to move about due to pain. I need to take care of my heart, but how do I live in so much psin? I hate addicts. I hate the CDC. I hate my life right now.

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*hugs* That's an impossible choice. I hate so much that you are forced into this position. I hate that chronic pain patients are being punished for healthy people's bad coping habits. I hate that being "addicted" is seen as worse than living in extreme pain or dying of a heart attack. Are there any alternatives to either the narcotics or the benzos that you can try?

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@Raine14 Not that the doctor suggested, unfortunately. I appreciate your response. How are you doing, Rainey? Don’t you have similar problems with pain and anxiety? What do you do?

Sorry you gotta go through that. Have you tried weed? It is legal in alot of states now. Not sure which states exactly since I dont smoke it.

@sleeping Not legal in Ga., Although, I wouldn’t try it anyway. If I could afford CBD oil, that is very relaxing. But at $100. an ounce, not feasible. How are you?

I am sorry you are going through this. These guidelines come down and are good for most people on average. But patients, including you are an individual. I am sorry that your doctor cannot see this. It should be about risk benefit discussion and not just following some rigid rule.

That said, pain and anxiety management can be broken down into pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments. I hope you are looking into the latter because there is evidence that they work. It does take some trial and error but please try. I am not from Toronto but I became aware of a really good website from an evidence based pain clinic. It is called Pain U (https://tapmipain.ca/patient/managing-my-pain/pain-u-online/#/).

Your moniker says you are married to a marine which automatically makes you a good person and I should also thank your husband for his service. You deserve a better quality of life. Being addicted to the physiological effects of the drug is not your fault. I wish you strength in finding a path through this.

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@NewMe2.0 I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I will take a look at the website and hope there is something to help me out of this mess. Also, I will tell my husband what you said. He always appreciates hearing from a patriot. Thank you.

Is that a rule just for your state? I am prescribed pain medicine and benzodiazepines

@Nhlranger99 I don’t know the answer to that. I would think it applies to everyone. Maybe it depends on the amount of benzodiazepines you take. When I was talking one a day, it was fine. Three a day seems to be a deal breaker.