I need you to find me and save me

I need you to find me and save me...

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ur hair is gorgeous

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Thank you!

You are so gorgeous !

you are so gorgeous. omg. keep that smile on you.

I hope you find strength in this tough time. You are so great and someone special deserves you!

Agree. You are lovely. You need to look to save yourself. No one else is going to save you. They might find you and make you happier though...I hope that happens for you :)

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I agree w/ @compflyer. we can only "save" ourselves.
healthy relationships are not about "saving", they are about sharing can caring equally.

therapists are trained to teach us to heal ourselves. we can't give to others until we are able to help/nuture ourselves.

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you'll find someone, don't worry.

Wow you are gorge! :)) Agree with the others... I always dream I will find someone who makes me feel beautiful and worthy; but, i know I have to find a way to believe those convictions myself.

You're very beautiful! You will steal someone's heart and knock them off their feet! You'll meet her when the time is right.

Yeah I have no friends or acquaintances at all. It sucks big time!!!

@Wheels32 Sorry to hear that. Hugs

You have skype ??

u have us

You are so pretty!! I'm jealous lol

@Taymill14 With eyes and a smile like yours? Why? She is that image society has been shoving down your throat as the acceptable pretty (and quite strikingly so) but don’t be tricked out of your self confidence.

I'm here.

What do you need to be saved from?

Firstly, you're blue eye's would save a dying man/woman. Second, I hope by "save" you simply mean from an eternity without a partner and not who you are as a person. A borrowed flame can only keep one warm for so long.

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