I never thought about speaking to someone about the possibil

I never thought about speaking to someone about the possibility of epilepsy. I've never been diagnosed. I do at times have times where I feel like I've had a seizure. The most current actually being about four minutes ago. I'd just laid down. I closed my eyes and it'd felt like I was shaking my head extremely fast. I leaned up and opened my eyes to look around my room and noticed that it was still happening, like I couldnt control my eye movement. I shook my head trying to maybe snap myself out of it, and it didnt work. It proceeded to happen for about another minute and then it just stopped. My head feels weird now and I feel a bit nauseous. Could that possibly be what is happening? I get horrid migraines watching TV sometimes or being on my phone as well if that is useful information. I had a moment when I was about 15 where I was playing my DS and I heard a high pitched noise and it suddenly felt like my whole brain was shaking and I couldnt breath for a minute but I wasnt moving. I get times where I just get dizzy when closing my eyes as well when I go to lay down, but that's rare and I've always just sort of guessed it had to do with suddenly laying down after walking around a ton. If none of this is well worded its because my brain is kind of scrambled so I apologize in advance

you should talk to a doctor about this

I plan to when I have the ability

Please research magnesium. It does wonders on migranes and re-healing the brain.

@321bill Will do, thank you