I never thought I'd be in this position. I've worked my whol

I never thought I'd be in this position. I've worked my whole life. I never had a hard time getting employment. Now I've been fired twice in 2015. In January they let me go after a merger resulted in my job being moved to their headquarters in another city. I found a good job at nearly the same money after just two months so I thought, "Sweet -- this is my ride for the next 10 years until I retire!" They told me they'd never fired anyone so that really made me feel good about the job -- until things went hinky. They decided that instead of a legal assistant (me) what they REALLY wanted was a paralegal, so I was let go - that was in August. My unemployment runs out in January so I have ONE MONTH before I have zero income. Even unemployment doesn't pay the bills and I've had to empty a mutual fund. At age 57, unattractive and fired (let go, "laid off" whatever - it still looks terrible) TWICE in one year, I feel like I'm NEVER going to be hired by anyone for anything. I can see why people get to feeling so DESPERATE! How much can you lose and still function? I'm selling off household items, I've signed up with UBER, I'm selling stuff online, offline --- I won't turn to crime but I can SEE why people do it as the desperation is just so awful. I'm single, both parents are dead and there are no family members or friends who can help. I'm really ON MY OWN HERE. Decided today that I have to file bankruptcy. Hate to do it but I really have no choice.

It's not about getting fired, what's important is your attitude even if the world around you is collapsing. You have the willingness to work. That's what counts, and even if there is no work, you MAKE work. Instead of depending on the world around you, apply for work, or start your own business.

Your life made a wrong swing, not once, but twice, but the number of times things go wrong in life isn't what matters most. See it as being on the golf course, the ball goes the wrong way, but you know where your goal is, and you try to smack the ball into the right direction of your goal with your efforts. That IS the point.

Since you have the time, read the advice on this career website


Then launch a new offensive into getting a new job either searched or self made. Never give up, never quit! Because your life is at stake.A