I only cant eat

is it normal that when i am depressed i cant eat its physically impossible for me to eat

Hi...many times a person's appetite is affected by emotional distress, even positive intense emotions! When someone is depressed, this is seen very often as well. It can present as not wanting to eat, or eating more than you really want.
Is this a new problem for you? Is it affecting your weight and health? Are you seeing a doctor or therapist to help you deal with the depression?
It's difficult to discern whether this is a true eating disorder, unless there is more going on than you described.
How can we support and encourage you?
Please continue to share.....Jan ♥

its not a new prob its been going on sense 6th grade (im 19 now) iv been seeing a person for my medication but they don’t weigh me so they don’t know i have a prob it dose effect my weight a lot but not my health