I post on here periodically throughout a night per week. No

I post on here periodically throughout a night per week. No one evr wanna help me. Even here I'm ignored

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Stay happy. Every day is a chance to start something new and move on....

I see two posts from you prior to today. Both have comments from other people and no responses from you. If perhaps you did not see them, you can use the my posts page found under the .___ three of these on top of each other looking icon on the green bar to see posts on which you have commented.

Oh. I struggle using this site and i found someone to support and can't figure it out. Im gonna try to find the post. Thanks4 telling me.

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Often the posts and responses don’t show up for a long time. I responded to posts that were posted 12 hours earlier and have just shown up. And I can’t tell you how often my comments just never post. Blame it on the site having a bad case of the hiccups. It has nothing to do with you or your worth. You are very worthwhile and well worth listening tp

Thanks northguy ! I found it.

sure sure :)

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Sweety nooo you are not ignored. :( and you shouldnt feel like this. Of course i havent pass the same thing but my first relationship was with someone..who didnt love me at all..He just wanted to have sex with me he lied and after it happened he dumbed me like I was nothing.. And it was my first time so I felt so awful like I dont deserve a thing.. But I tell you dont feel like this you deserve everything and someone who respects you and loves you! I will tell you the truth tho.. Yes you will never be the same you were before but (if you are crying like me about it) stop it. Dont let anyone make you feel like you dont deserve or dirty you are not dirty you are just fine honey okay? Whatever you want to talk about Im here i supported you :)

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@StayStrong98 Thank you soooo much. I’m just so empty and sad. It feels as if no one understands and i can’t explain. Its like I’m trapped in my mind

Actually there are a lot of us that care. We're not ignoring you. Looks like you're getting some good help. Hang in there

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@Namaste250 Thank you

I'm here for you

I appreciate your support!

@pureperfection We care. Sometimes I’m on here almost every day and sometimes not for a week or two. I start work at 4:00 AM and usually have a doctor’s appointment or something else right after work and don’t get home until almost bedtime. Getting up early I go to bed early 7:00 PM. But some nights like tonight I just need to get on here and say hi to people and if I can give a word or two or support. Hang in there.

I'm here. Had I known about this site sooner, I'd be here sooner

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