I put out bait for my mother

she said she hopes I have a hreat weekend, and that she loves me (all words), ans so I said thank you! Love you too, well my weekend will be super stressful. No time and lots to do". And she never responded, it’s been almost 4 hours. So next time she asks me why we arent nclose, and tries to guilt trip me, I need to remember why. BARE minimum motherhood, is to keep your kids fed. Emotional connection? Whats that. No wonder all my relationships with men have had such low standards, where men do absolutely nothing and Im ready to lay down my life for them. Friends, same. :slight_smile: It all comes down to me and what Im used to, okay with. my bar has been so low.

And this site SUCKS. Impossible to make a post.

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Sorry to hear about that. I feel the same way with my parents. They only care about my physical needs. I literally feel no emotional connection with them. I feel like I still have decent standards for friends and men though, probably because of my trust issues with people which started from my parents and ex friends.

This site does suck, I hate how groups are so much harder to find and follow now and how we need a mod approval to delete posts now. Hope they’ll fix it.

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I’m really glad you’re more discerning with people in your life, honestly I think with childhood trauma there is a big learning curve of realizing like we are still vulnerable bc of trusting people too much/attaching too easily, that a little bit of fear is probably good in letting people earn your trust.