I realize how dependent I have been on everyone in my life f

I realize how dependent I have been on everyone in my life for emotional support. Now I'm making the decision to focus on my goals and leave my friends and family out of my bubble for a while. I have also decided that I need to move away from home. When I express this to others hoping that they will understand, I'm pretty much told that this process and path that I am on is not going to change anything. I disagree because I'm on a path for growth and new things. Apparently, my issue with the family has been money coming from a low-income background. I have worked so hard to get in a position where I can literally do what I need to do for myself and my child. I've been in a position where I have to depend on 100% government assistance. People tell me that I am lucky and blessed for being on government assistance because I'm "paying for less than they are". I hate when people say this to me because I have to pay for a lot and government assistance does not pay for everything. Government assistance is not even set up for people to rely on for a lifetime and people do but it's not my plan. So my ability to make money is very important to me. I feel like all the people close to me do not really understand everything that I'm going through at least all at once. So this whole situation is a push for me to attach myself to people who understand the struggle. But as I let people in, envy takes place when I actually start being positive and say hey I am blessed and I'm still going to improve. It's so hard when people are getting upset with me because I'm making moves to get out of the low income status.

You do not have to tell friends/family... any details about your finances especially if it will bring judgement. The less you say perhaps is better so they do not have ammunition to bring you down. Probably a good idea to have some safe peaceful distance from judgmental, ignorant comments. Sorry you are struggling.

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@andine Yeah. I understand the importance of moving in silence now.