I really am single and it's ok

Over the past few days I've been working on freeing myself from the ties of past relationships, and past habits I had. And i've just realised that over the last 2.5 years I have never been ALONE alone.
I was always texting, or dating, or meeting or back with...someone. That is the pattern I fall into. Juggling but never getting overly emotionally involved with them, (except for that guy who crushed me).

And it's dawned on me, I have a real co-dependency issue to my own detriment.
It is such a strange thing for me, not to text anyone now, it's kind very empowering...that the only person who needs me is me. Because i had forgotten about ME for a very long time there, and got into this habit of chasing or always having to have someone on the go.
I hope you don't pick me up wrong with this, I wasn't sleeping with these people, but it always to have some kind of distraction.

It's actually a relief. Sometimes I do get a weird sensation and have to tell myself, it's ok to just be with you...you don't need anyone "fuzzying" up your mind.

Sometimes a good clear out of the mind, just for you is so good. And I don't plan to be dipping my toe into dating territory until I am A-ok with me.

Love to all my single people out there
MG x

That was a great speech! I am doing the same thing. I need to work on me and no one else. Dating can wait.

I too get that sensation, like omg! i'm alone! I talk myself out of it and say its ok too :)

Hey Heather,
Thanks, ya it's really weird, I never realised how bad I was until I actually forced myself to snap out of it, and cut myself off from dating. There was always someone.

But it's nice to be alone, and just with friends. Brings up your esteem and everything, makes you feel 1000 times better. i do feel so much stronger for making that decision, and then when I am well rested and i'm a whole me, I can't wait to meet my man - half way.

Glad you sounding good hun, really happy for you.

Love to you
MG x

thanks MG,

I'm glad you sound good too :) We'll find our guy when the time is right.