I really don't want to do this

i really don't want to do this

I think you have to put more into your posts as I know I am not a mind reader. What don't you want to do?

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Sorry yea anxiety group. I went and im glad i did i think i was helpful to the group. On a natural high right now so many small things are adding up and its given me chills in a good way. so im writing out that list that you suggested. Planning on going for a walk to the animal shalter tomorrow, to give some love to some rescued dogs. How are you?

Sounds like things are going well for you. That's always nice to hear :)

up and down really but thats so much better then just down. Hows about you?

I hear you. Lately that has been my life. Up and then down and then up and then down. Today was up, so for that I am thankful :)
One day at a time.