I really feel so out of place today. I have this feeling tha

I really feel so out of place today. I have this feeling that something is off but I can’t seem to figure out exactly what that is. I don’t feel like myself, but I also don’t know what myself is supposed to feel like. I feel so exhausted but also very restless.

I hate when I feel that way.. I go on streaks myself. . I am having a good one but when it is off .. hate it.. I try to focus on what I can see around me that I can manage and take care of it . . Like chores..and go over my list of things I need to do. Or relax my mind and let it wander.. ask your spirit guides what it is!
Over the last few weeks I have had another break through. Taking control of our life really helps.
For me , the minute I start allowing someone else to dictate my day , it throws me off.

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I get into cleaning spurts when I’m super anxious and restless, usually then I’ll have some energy. Today is this weird in between. I find it real hard to focus on anything. I plan on doing some yoga or something later.

Eesh. I feel you on that. The whole knowing something isn't right, but you don't actually know what it is accompanied by a restless agitation. I remember when I was younger I used to pace around the house, opening and closing closets, or cupboards. Get in the car to go somewhere, then decide I don't want to go anywhere, lather, rinse, repeat. Start a movie to try and take my mind off of it, then stop it because I wasn't into it. Screw that noise. That's what vices are for I guess.

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Yes that’s how it feels today. Like I’m just wandering around kind of lost and feeling really unsettled. Plus the health anxiety or dysmorphia (not sure what it is yet) is going off too. Today the focus is on my teeth.

Lots of Great ideas to take the mind off things. I used to love getting in the car to drive my worries away. I like the exercises routine. I really want to get back into that. But I have not. I don’t understand what is keeping me from doing the things I want. I have the want so bad, but I don’t. I blame the anxiety. I had a lot of moments over the past couple Months where I don’t feel like myself. The positive thing is you are noticing it Destiny, and that’s a huge step. Try throwing yourself into something you like to change that uncomfortable focus to something meaningful so you don’t have that thought of what is going on and why do I feel like this. I think many of us go through that. And we are always learning.

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I try reading but lose focus. It was way too hot to go walking today. Sometimes I get into cleaning. I need to get back into some yoga and stretching again.

I get in those moods especially when I just had a bad evening, the next day just lags. I'm not necessarily still upset but it's like what you are describing. Also when I'm like that I obses over the grossest of my body hair. Arms legs armpits, yuck. Other people's not a problem. But I totally can't focus on anything else if they aren't completely smooth. I usually try to listen to music to take my mind off of it.

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Yes the body obsession is driving me insane. I can’t seem to shut it off. It always comes back and I’ll have to keep checking in the mirror.

Destiny202, I know the feeling. I find it helps me to engage with it, and not avoid it. Sometimes I get a cup of coffee and sit and let the feeling be, without fighting it. Usually it passes, or I figure out what is making me out of sorts. Ignoring it is no good, it just keeps lurking longer. I think its so good that you don't ignore it.

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Thank you