I really just want a good friend, someone without the mental

I really just want a good friend, someone without the mentality of a immature 12 year old. Someone who can hold a conversation about animals, music anything, without making up lies or exaggeration to make a point. I don't know where to look though where I volunteer with animals the I am at least a good generation and a half younger then the youngest of them. I work full time, no money, no vehicle, I go to school online, I just feel like it's hopeless.

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Would it work for you to apply for part time postion maybe a pet store, walmart pet dept or vet office? Then you could meet more people your age. I'm sure you are pretty knowledgeable with animals or anything to do with them so it would be in your comfort zone. It's not hopeless, it sounds like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders.

Thank you. I already work 2 full time jobs and 3 part time, I go to school full time and can barely find my time to volunteer at the spay and neuter clinic when I do. I would love to find a part time working with animals but tell I get my V.T license in about 2/1/2 Years, that's not really an option. With my schedule and location.