I really need help, I broke up with my boyfriend tonight aft

I really need help, I broke up with my boyfriend tonight after he has accused me of cheating on him for getting this sickening disease now I am literally alone. I can't handle this every time I drive I want to crash, every time I bathe I want to slit my wrist when I'm getting dressed in want strangle myself. I'm in so much pain physical mentally and emotionally. Where do you find peace after something so terrible has happened to you? (And I don't mean the boyfriend )

As you start to physically feel better you will emotionally start to heal too. In time it really does get better. Educate yourself on this virus so that you are in control and not the virus. Your primary outbreak is the worst. We are all here for you.

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Agree. Your life is not over. We are here to support you. Take control, do not surrender it

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I just feel like no one understands what I'm going through and I feel like people won't except or love me if I have this.

@spaGeddyLee So sorry to hear about your boyfriend. You are not alone in going through this hard disease. Please rest assure that many people will love and except you.

@spaGeddyLee I got herpes from my boyfriend (he didn't know he had it) and I've been sick with it twice now.. very painful. But I did NOT blame, accuse or stop loving him!! Where there's love there is no judgment. If your bf left you for this he's just not for you! You deserve someone who accepts you, all of you. But you first have to accept who you are also :). Take care!!

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Ohhh, so sad. Maybe he needs to read up on it more. Give him space to consume what is happening. If its meant to be, things will work out.

I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend has left you on that basis I have the same thing happen. can I ask you how do you know that he did not give it to you?

but just so you know everyone feels the same way as you do at first and the best thing you can do it understands the virus and what it mean for you. you can still do all the things that you have always done and still have relationships and children there are people out there who are already doing this so do not fret. just focus on getting through your outbreak and the emotions that go with this and you will find that it will all come together and you will be ok

The whole thing is he gave it to me. He had a cold sore and then he made love to me that night it popped up 3 days later in burning and itching and I get the huge blisters. And he still swears I cheated on him.

He's a ****. If he would truly love you, he'd show compassion to you. You deserve better than that.

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Tell him to do his research!! Someone with open cold sores who does oral on on someone can pass the virus to them!!

Maybe like most they dont know the risks. My mum albeit she is 76 did not know it was nore than a cold sore and what can happen. Until now i knew nothing about hsv2. Just saying and if he knew better off without him.

I am sixty. Years old. I have had herpes for many many years. Neither me or my former wife of thirty two years knows where it came from. We were both sexually active before marriage, and we both read up on it and learned the facts before jumping to conclusions. 1) most people at my age have herpes. 2) the disease is completely benign and non contagious when there are no lesions 3) you, or he, may have had it for some time and not known, only to have lesions and become contagious later 3) the lesions become fewer and farther between as you age; I have not had one in many years. 4) there are medications, like Zovirax, that can dramatically reduce the severity and duration of a lesion.
Any doctor, or even WebMD can provide the facts. You don't know who gave it to whom, unless one of you was a virgin, and even then you don't know where it came from. Once provided with the facts, and after taking a little time to digest them, either he comes back to you or it wasn't meant to be.

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@Arakyanni your emotional pain is different. You have both the emotional pain of herpes as well as that of losing your boyfriend. Again, please understand the facts. As to the herpes, you will have to be aware of when you have the
Edison’s, it’s the only time you will be contagious, and you will have to discuss it with future sex partners. The best time to discuss is when the disease is not active. In my, and my wife’s case, we would each have a lesion once every six months or so at first, then once a year, and after maybe five or six years they occurred very infrequently. This is the only time that we had to refrain from sex. Know that you are not alone. Many many people, perhaps the majority of us, are infected with this common virus. Also know that as to the pain of losing your boyfriend, if you really do lose him, know that we have all gone through that, it always seems like the end of the world, and yet we all come out of it, especially if you are young. Hand in there. Write to me anytime.

My understanding is it is still contagious other times than an outbreak thru viral shedding?

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I have never heard of that. What is "viral shedding". I was told by my MD that it is only contagious upon contact with a lesion.

@Arakyanni i just posted stuff frim herpes.com. im also reading other info that says studies have shown that most people get HSV from sexual contact during times of a symptomatic viral shedding which means there are no symptoms present but the virus is active.

Ah haahhh, I just read the CDC site and a NYTimes article on herpes. Apparently you are correct. They say that it could, though less frequently, be transmitted through any exchange of bodily fluids, including semen and/or an open sore in the mouth or genital area of an infected person. But this information does substantiate my belief that they don't really know where it came from.
All these years, I thought that when there was no sore, that it could not be transmitted: good thing I was in a monogamous relationship all those years.