I really struggle with back pain being an "invisible" dise

I really struggle with back pain being an "invisible" disease. My SI joint pain doesn't show up on X-rays or MRIs or blood tests or ultrasounds, and yet I am bed-ridden 23 hours a day and need pain meds 24/7. I've never required hospitalization and I'm not a candidate for surgery, but this daily pain is all-consuming. I wish it was as cut and dry as cancer or genetic diseases. I wish that when I tell people what's wrong with me that I didn't have to explain it, that there was just a public awareness of chronic debilitating back pain.
I hate doctors treating me like I am a drug addict until proven innocent. I always feel like back doctors secretly despise their patients because there are no cures and no happy endings.
It's so hard to come to terms with chronic back pain. It's not glamorous and there seems to be no end to it. Unless you've dealt with chronic pain, you really can't understand what it's like. I feel like I'm walking around with a laundry pin permanently pinching my skin. The pain is always there and it's always irritating. It might not always make you want to cry, but it always sucks the color out of the world and casts a glum shadow on everything. Add that to depression and life hardly seems worth showing up for :(

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Life is always worth showing up for!!! I know exactly how you feel I also have SI joint pain along with a ton of other problems with my spine....legs.....hips...hands and knees....and I also understand feeling like you are a drug addict..boy do I know that one....the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when the doctor looks at you as if you are a drug seeker..........I know how excruciating the pain is I know the pain that is in the hip and radiates to your stomach that pulling pain that is hard to even describe and you feel like you cant move the leg at all because the pain is totally excruciating.....even dragging the leg is excruciating.....I can't stay in bed at all when it gets that bad.....I can only sit in an upright position in a chair.....to me getting in bed is my worst nightmare.......do you use a walker....it helps me to get around....sadly there is no public awareness of chronic back pain and what people cant see or experience themselves they just don't understand......you call it a laundry pin....I feel as if it is the tightest rubber band that you are trying to fight.....I am praying for you..

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Thanks Maryanne :)
No I don't use a walker, I can walk pretty much normally but only for short distances. When I go to the mall I use one of the electric wheelchairs.
Also for me laying down is the only good position. Sitting in a chair hurts sooooo bad! Do you have to sleep in a chair since laying hurts so much for you?