I really want to post this on my social media but I know the

I really want to post this on my social media but I know they wouldn't understand. I have changed so much in the last few years. I honestly think that people that have had trauma and people that deal with depression are more in touch with reality. We see things for what they really are. We dont hide. We are more intune with reality. Maybe we are not the ones that need help. Maybe its the people around us that act like their lives are perfect. Last time I checked no one has the perfect life. Maybe they are hiding from what we are confronting. I am so observant and I see things and notice things in people that they try to hide. I find that I am so much more sensitive than others around me. Am I the one that needs help or is it them? Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like I am the one more in touch with feelings and life. Society seems so cold and out of touch. Maybe we are the norm and they are not.

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What you said makes so much sense. I am with you on thinking that society seems so cold and out of touch. I think everyone is just trying to make themselves look like they are the best, and everything is happy, meanwhile they are wearing pants and longsleeves in the summer to hide the bruising...

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@ColaWars I was talking with a friend just the other day about all this. We discussed about feeling disconnected when in social situations. I can read a person within ten minutes after having a casual conversation. I can tell if they are genuine or fake, trustworthy or untrustworthy. My daughter even tells me that I am always right about friends or boys that she meets. But yet I myself have no bestfriend. People like me but I have never had that special connection with anyone. To me its strange. Because I feel the need for it but its never come to light. I always feel like Im on the outside looking in.

Tilly01....your words have gave me comfort finally someone is thinking and speaking my language.I totally agree with you,the problem is though people like us are the ones that have to sit and do all the listening from others and not be heard because usually people like u and I get misunderstood .I sometimes feel like a mad women when I open up because I just don't seem to be on anyone else's level.

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@Tilly01 .......you see the big picture, that's huge............ms does make us take off the 'rose colored glasses'