I recently found out I have Herpes 2 virus. I advised my bo

I recently found out I have Herpes 2 virus. I advised my boyfriend to be tested and his results came back positive however he has never had symptoms.
We are staying together and I am wondering if we both have the virus is it still necessary to use condoms for sex or abstain from oral sex?

you don't state whether your type2 is oral or genital. type2 ***GENERALLY*** is genital but can be oral as well.

the virus can be transmitted to the oral area from the genital area whether active or not. Much like Covid 19, when Asymptomatic, it can be shedding and contagious. caution is advised.
to answer your question, if you have type2 genital, there is no chance of "Ping Ponging" back and forth therefore protection is not necessary. remember, vigorous sex **can be** a trigger for future breakouts.

please download and read the FREE link we have posted above. if you don't see it, here it is:

Sorry, type 2 genitalia’s diagnosed.

Thank you for your reply.

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you are very fortunate that you both have a loving and stable relationship! many here would give anything to be in your shoes!! hopefully both of you will study the link and enjoy a safe and blissful relationship!!!

carry on!!