I recently found out my husband had an affair a few months a

I recently found out my husband had an affair a few months ago. I thought after a while I would be able to get past it but lately I have been having a hard time. I am having a hard time trusting him I watch everything he does. My mind is constantly on him and what he is doing or talking to when he is away from me. He does things that make me thing he is still cheating. I don't know if it is mistrust in him or he is really doing something. I am so consumed with this and my mind is always on this and his cheating. I really need to talk to someone but I haven't told anyone about what I found out. Can you ever truly get over this?

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It is possible. It is a hard road. I have been married 20 years. Years 16 through 19 she had an affair. Can you get to counseling? Trust your instinct. It is usually right.

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We have been talking about counseling I think that would be good for us. I am having a really hard time today because he will be going out of town without me tomorrow and deep down inside I feel like he will cheat on me again. I never thought it would this hard

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@Nannak1000 my wife and I are making it. She is now deployed for 5 months. Last time she deployed she was with him. :(. It is possible. Get to counseling. Best advice!

@nannak1000 without your husband making amends, you really cannot be expected to just "get over it." the suggestion above to get counselling is a good one. As is the advice to trust your instincts. I know that if I had listened to mine sooner, things may have been a little different.

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