I recently had a really good conversation with my father- so

I recently had a really good conversation with my father- so this is more of a rant/vent I guess.
I am going through the divorce process right now, and my dad helped me get the courage to leave and start the process. However, before that he threatened to kick me out of the house, not pay for my college, etc (when that has been agreed upon for many years). Yesterday on the phone he said that he was sorry for everything that happened and that felt alone. It was very genuine and I appreciated it.

However he said he did not remember ever threatening to kick me out of the house, but it very much did happen and even my siblings remember it. I guess I'm just frustrated by my dad and mom's ability to "forget" major things that happened that effected everyone else but them. Why do parents do this? So aggravating.

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It is not only parents who can be in denial. Glad you had a nice talk with your dad and he is helping you with your divorce.

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Sorry, confused, he threatened to do this in the past or is this threat recent?

@CKBlossom in the past he did

People say things in the heat of the moment. Later, after calmed down, selective memory kicks in.
Only remember what stuff hurt them. Not what they said.
Seems really common with parents.
If you had said you were going to kick him out, he definitely would have remembered that.

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@Inmylittleroom thank you that was so insightful