I recently was fired. It was an awful experience. I'm having

I recently was fired. It was an awful experience. I'm having nightmares about it.

While you may feel that your future is uncertain, it's important to realize that getting fired is not the end of your career. But keeping your emotions in check can be hard, which is why good self-care by exercising and journaling to relieve stress after being fired is important.
One aspect of getting fired that can weigh heavily on your mind is how to relay the bad news to your friends and family, for fear of their reactions and judgments. Remaining forward-thinking is vital when talking about your termination. "Say, 'I'd rather not have to dwell on the past and would really appreciate your input in helping me think about my next step, now that I have a chance to consider making a change." While it's common to feel anger toward your former employer, taking legal action is viable only in certain cases.
A lot of people are fired simply because they didn't get along with their boss and you can't sue a company because your boss was a ****. However, certain circumstances can warrant legal action; such as civil-rights violations. No one can be fired because of their sex, race, age, disability or national origin. If there's a manager who has a prejudice against someone in those protected classes and fires them, that's actionable. If you're thinking about suing your previous employer, unless you have a very strong case, it's not going to get you anywhere. It is best to move on.