I regret missing school so much right now. I just remembered

I regret missing school so much right now. I just remembered how alone I really am and it's hurting me a lot.

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Do you have any options for goal setting to help ensure your future is where you would want it to be? You can do this, you deserve happiness

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@Aura82 I see my English/literature teacher every Tuesday and Thursday to catch up on things that I’ve missed. I also do online math classes.

So sorry you're hurting! Loneiness and/or feeling alone really does hurt. Do your best to stay productively busy doing things like reading, taking a class in something you enjoy just for fun, take walks & keep your eyes open for cultivating friendships from casual encounters and/or relationships. Also, don't underesimate certain family members for support & encouragement. When I was young, I made the mistake of disregarding my family as a source of support & encouragement. They're almost all gone now; & as I think back I realize they could have been a tremendous help to me in tough & lonely times. I hope you'll give them a chance & that you're feeling better soon.

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@standinginfaith I will make sure to do those things. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Remember that there are always people rooting for you, whether its your friends in real life, your family or the people here on sg. I hope you can find a source of encouragement soon. If you want, you can message me. Best wishes

@white_black411 Thank you very much for the support.

@pickone Hello. Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you so much for saying all of this. It really means a lot to me. :smiley: <3