I scheduled a counseling appointment

Hey everybody; Well after trying to figure out my marriage; I was on here the other day and someone suggested that I try counseling and then maybe convince my husband to go after I had. Well, I did it, I was on my way home from a meeting and I called this place and my intention was to just check out types of counselors and fees, etc. and I just ended up setting up an appointment. It is not until a week from this coming tuesday and I hope I don't chicken out before then. I know they are going to ask me what I want to be seen for and I have been stressing out over this. What do I say? my life, my marriage, my sanity (lol) I am really nervous. I have been to counseling before but not for many years. Thanks for letting me vent.

Just tell them whats on your mind, usually they will sit and listen to what is going on with you, Just remember, counceling won't fix everything.
I myself put my trust in god, Seems like when life and relations were really hitting the Fan, I became broken, got on my knees and prayed seriously, and It really became a souce of faith... and I have personally seen how the prayers have been answered.... This comming from a man who was a non-believer for 46 years.

Hey Ron;

Thanks for your comments; I would not be ANYWHERE if it were not for the grace and mercy of God. I am not under any illusions that counsleing will "fix" my problems, however just as we see often on here it is nice to have support, encouragement and a listening ear. My hope is that I will gain some tools to utilize in everyday life. Thanks SO very much for sharing and your words of encouragement.

Of course God is great and amazing and praying to him will help. Perhaps God is the one who lead you to the path of counseling. Do not give up or feel nervous or chicken out. You will gain tools and you will also feel better after going. Tell them everything and be honest. If they assess you completely then they will be able to help you more. Best of luck! You can do it!

Thank you rjacks - What I keep on imagining is walking into the room and having the counselor look at me and say "so why are you here?" or "what can I do for you" and I'm gonna feel stupid and not know what to say. The first things that come to mind to say to those questions are:
1. Everything
2. Where do I start?
3. My life
4 Nothing, I'm fine and make a quick retreat

I received this packet in the mail with a bunch of questions and that gave me some anxiety. Do I have to pick one topic to work on or do I pick one or two things that are concerning me the most right now... AAAHHH I sound panicked don't I? OH boy, everything in me wants to cancel.... but I won't. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

Well, first thing is to Not Feel stupid for just talking out what you are going thru, Millions of people are going thu problems.... Me included. : )

Well, I went to counseling today and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I feel like there is some hope.


I read this post and as I've mentioned in your first post, i will reply you in your most recent post.