I see that a lot of hospitals post information about their o

I see that a lot of hospitals post information about their outcomes for different disorders like stroke and heart attacks. It got me thinking about what information I would want to be able to look up about different clinics, hospitals or therapists - to get information that would help me decide who provides the best care for people with BPD. Based on my own experience, and some reading I've done, I think I would want to know how many people with BPD they've treated, how many of those people quit after 3 months but before one year, how many patients they "fired" or terminated (non-mutual), how many of their patients committed suicide. Those things would give me information about how "safe" they might be, yet I"m having a hard time coming up with ideas about what information would tell you they are actually effective and good at what they do. I'm wondering what anyone else thinks about what information would be helpful in figuring out of a therapist or program is good... you know, before you even meet them.

Hi and welcome to the BPD group. You could try using one of the sites like Healthgrades to get feeback on therapists. Best!