I seem to be having more and more BPD reactions to perceived

I seem to be having more and more BPD reactions to perceived rejection and I am having a hard time remembering my DBT skills. Need to get serious about it again. I really didn't think this would happen. I thought that once I learned them and used my Schema Therapy cards I have it all together, but I don't. I need help dealing with these overwhelming emotions.

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DBT skills are vitally important. it helps you to take a breath think about your feelings and be proactive instead of being reactive. It is the reaction that is important to curtail. Your feelings emotions are not "wrong" even your reactions may not be wrong. but I am not the one who judges.

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@PigfaceMcGee513 thanks PMcGee. I was having a meltdown yesterday that felt unstoppable. I need to use DBT skills every day! Slowly I stopped thinking about them. They saved me when I learned them. Now I have to remember to use them daily. I feel ok today, the person I thought was rejecting me actually wasn’t. I gave into a lot of emotional pain by interpreting something.

Hey. @Kisobel I don't know much about these therapies but I know rejection sucks ...perceived or otherwise. Especially when it's someone you care about. But...I try not to seek too much from the unknown and either go within,to my dogs or here. Then I don't feel rejected.
I vowed awhile back that I would not betray myself anymore..So I embrace me. My dogs never reject me..lol.. They can't get enough love. And 9 times out of 10 SG is a Win!
You are doing well by expressing your thoughts,feelings and needs. I hope you feel a little better now.
Do you have animals? They are great for this.
I needed that unconditional love and knowing I'll never be rejected.

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@LollyNews I know what you mean about SG being a win nine times out of ten and came here last night to reach out while I was in so much turmoil. I do have pets, I have had pets my whole life. My little dog who was six years old died on October 7th very suddenly. I’m still not sure why but he may have gotten into something bad out there on the farm or on the road. I do have another dog I have had for eight years and he’s a beautiful little dog and my constant companion. Have a cat who is affectionate. And I also have two goats, who aren’t affectionate. Lol