I seem to have problems staying asleep for too long. I often

I seem to have problems staying asleep for too long. I often wake up every 2 hours or so. I also have terrible problems with stress/depression so I was wondering if this might be the cause. If anyone has any remedies they would like to share, please let me know.

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Early awakening and waking up frequently are one of the main symptoms of depression and oneof the easiest to get rid of with meds.

@Namaste250 Ok, thanks. I’ve been on meds before and they didn’t help my mood too much. I’m just hesitant to go on them again due to the side affects. I do take anxiety meds at times, but in very small dosages.

You can do a low dosage of an antidepressant. No need to get into the high powered stuff. In fact it's usually prescribed by your pcp. Not much in the way of side effects. Much better to give that route a try than go on Ambien or some other sleeping medicine. If you want something mildly sedative you can always take some benadryl. On a completely different track. I also find the brainwave apps useful. But I got used to them and they stopped working for me. Sweet dreams

Ok thanks for the info. I will give it some consideration.

Ever tried melatonin? Or maybe an antihistamine . Gets you drowsy, stay asleep longer then normal. I often do this cause my sleep is exactly as you described. It sucks.

I think i will try that. Thanks. I tried it years ago for depression problems but i dont recall having my sleep issues back then. I may pick some up later.

Warm bath always relaxes me right before bed. Ever try watching a funny movie before bed? That helps my whole mood. If all else fails,try babysitting a five year old for a day. By the end,they'll have asked so many questions that you will feel totally exhausted,lol. Trust me, my five year old is my proof. :) lol

Maybe i should just stop drinking that pot of coffee before bed? I suspected it might be causing the problem.

Jk my problem is not so much falling asleep but staying asleep. I may try melatonin as bansheegirl suggested.

the coffee joke made me laugh because that's so me! i would try the melatonin first for sure. its natural so if it works for you, its def the best option. and i always suggest some good praying! lol. hope it gets better.

@Saved_by_grace Praying barely seems to make any difference in my life in any practical way. At least not what I can see anyway. I can think of a few examples, but they feel like a stretch. Prayer seems like it may help others, but not me. I’m not saying prayer has no power, just that it doesn’t seem to fix any real problems I’ve had on it’s own. I tend to relate to the psalmist in Ps 88 who never seems to have his prayers answered by God but he is left to suffer for possibly his whole life (the psalmist says he was afflicted from his youth up). So it is with many believers who will not receive deliverance from their suffering, but just must endure it until they die. It is sad, but true.