I sometimes feel like I am the narcissist in the relationshi

I sometimes feel like I am the narcissist in the relationship. I understand he lied, he cheated, he lead me on. He has morphed into a new person with the new girl. He is textbook and meets every part, down to the parasitic lifestyle of a sociopath. He is a con artist. Dealing with him makes me feel like I am wrong. I can't no contact, we have kids but its crazy how he makes me feel like I've done something wrong for standing up for myself. It is also crazy that I enjouy pissing him off.

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They twist every word to make you feel like you're in the wrong. You know better don't let him get to you. Leave him to his game and give no reduction. Even if you act like you don't care to start with with then soon you won't... Stay strong and gray rock the moron

@19yearsnowfree he doesn’t bother me enough. I am not afraid of him anymore. When I make him mad, its funny. I see him kicking and screaming like a child and its funny to me. Why the hell was I afraid? Why did I let him bully me? He is really a nothing!

Same here and ppl dont get it but its abt emotional mental and physical survivial for me.

@Yellowrose10 is it really? I felt guilty for feeling that way. I’ve never been this way. I enjoy making him mad. It’s like I got my power back and I want to show him he doesn’t control me. He can’t tell me what to do. He can’t and hasn’t broken myvspirit. I want to show him!

Ok so I'm not a horrible person for fantasizing abt me and him alone on a mountain top and he slips and is hanging onto the edge of the cliff screaming help me and reache out but i say "i know yr married i know everything u sick sob and now my dreams are coming true" and kick him so he plummets to his death haha. I was worried i was the crazy one !

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@Yellowrose10 that’s how I feel in awakeness. I just want to fight him! I wanna show him my toughness!

Don't let him get to you like that- you are doing good- I know it's tough because you have to deal with him because of the kiddos- but remember what your dealing with he is a sick twisted human- you are nothing like that narc hole! stay strong!

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@northernbayfree he is insane! He is so pathetic its funny! The more I understand sociopathy and narcissism the more predictable he is. Which makes it amusing to me.

Almostfree you've been "standing up for myself" Excellent. Don't stop. Besides. standing "up for myself" pisses a narc off to no end.

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@DownButNotOut2 thank you for your kind words! Me standing up for myself makes him irate so I will be sure to do it often. Lol