I started cutting again, I can't stop myself anymore. Now I

I started cutting again, I can't stop myself anymore. Now I just feel like a disappointment....

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You are not a disappointment , you are just a normal person who is experiencing problems that are too big for you too handle. You don't have to carry the burden of your problems all alone, you should visit a psychiatrist and tell them about your mental problems and everything that is going wrong in your life, so you can start on a road to recovery. Don't blame yourself, no one should blame themselves for having problems they alone cannot handle. Just get help.

I can't see one though, my mom doesn't care to even help me, let alone send me to someone who will. It has been like this for 3 almost 4 years now (I think) and I doubt I can even be helped anymore

every day i feel like i want to start doint it again. it's only been 9 weeks but it's been hard, that's why i'm still counting the days. the longer you stay away from harming yourself the less of a dissapointment you will feel towards yourself.

this past summer i felt the same way i picked up the habit that i had left behind for so long, lots of days i wanted to rip my wrists apart, anything to make me feel better. but i had a good friend who kept by my side and we did it 24 hours at a time until i was able to count weeks instead of hours and when i failed she was able to help me start again. can i be that friend for you?

She had me keep 24 hours at a time without hurting myself at the beginning of every day she would make me promise her that j wouldn't do it for 24 hours and I would try my best to keep that promise

@ZippyZip - Please take down your picture. It is triggering as hell.