I started taking adderall again for my ADHD about three week

I started taking adderall again for my ADHD about three weeks ago. I’m taking 20 mg. It used to give me anxiety and panic attacks because I think the last time the doctor put me on adderall extended release in the morning and the 20mg tablet to take as needed. Now I take 20 mg in the morning. My focus is better. I’m def more organized. I do eat less (added bonus for weight loss). I have a history of addiction but I haven’t found that I’m addicted to it. There’s some days I don’t take it. I tend to overthink things and it’s slowing me down a bit. I have to make sure that I eat and drink enough water because it does feel like it dehydrated me. I do sometimes feel the crash the next day, where I feel a little depressed and down. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in between jobs, having trouble in relationships, or just the medication. ADD is the worst. I hate that I’m all over the place and can’t focus on tasks. I need structure and my life is anything but structure right now. Plus, anxiety doesn’t help any of it.

Try some breathing exercise, you can find some good ones online. It isn't going to cure anything, but it might help you find some focus. Hugs

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Thank you

@trish22274 Have you talked with your dr, about your anxiety?
If not I would.
Also, have you consider doing some therapy for your anxiety?
If not, it might be something you might, want to look into.