I still miss him

My boyfriend and I just broke up not too long ago and I still miss him so much. So how do I stop thinking about him? Everything reminds me of him and I can't focus on anything. It feels like he is controlling my life even when he's not exactly in it anymore. Erghhhhh

Ive been there before. For me I didn't try to stop missing him because its almost impossible to do. When It would get really bad I would stop what I was doing and sit still and allow myself to miss him for only a few minutes. Then I would get up and go about my day. Even though everyone says the pain doesn't last forever, its actually doesn't. You just got to know how to distract yourself. Eventually you wont think about him as much as you are now.

Break ups are always tough.
We have to admit it. It hurts. It lingers.

IF you were the one to make the move, try to keep in mind why you did it.
What happened that caused the end

It's tough because you cant forget those memories.
How you met
What you used to do together
How you kissed
Those relaxed moments that made you feel so special

Those are what are keeping you from moving on. Distract yourself!
Read. Go to the gym! Listen to upbeat songs with strong lyrics
such as "I was fine before you walked into my life" Pink- U + ur hand

Dont allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts because they might just get the best of you!
I really wish you the best!!

They say that time heals everything...however, in my experience, that isn't necessarily true. Only -you- are stopping yourself from living your life, and I know that you don't want to feel like you are out of control of your own life because of a man.

It's true that you need to distract yourself, but for me, things like listening to upbeat music and reading didn't work.

I recommend that you take up something that you've always wanted to do. An example is what Mary said, like going to the gym. But if you are more of someone who likes something like dancing, taking dance classes are a good option. I took up harmonica lessons and it was rewarding for me. Do something that can take up time, and that makes you truly happy. It help you forget, and avoids dwelling, since you're already enjoying yourself.

The important part as well is for now, like Anna said, it's okay to sit down and take a part of your day to let the emotions flow, even if it's unbearable. The worst thing you can do is stifle your emotions, and you don't want to condition yourself to stifling your emotions. Allow yourself to feel it fully, and when you're ready, allow others to come into your life. You don't have to go looking for a boyfriend, but keep your heart open to others, and it will be greatly rewarding in the end.