I strongly advice all of you to pick up any type of contact

I strongly advice all of you to pick up any type of contact sport. Preferably a martial art, with some substance.

Go to a Dojo or Gym and you can potentially cross of many things from your OCD check list:

Get out of the house - Check

Be active, productive - Check

Exercise - Check

Meditate, learn how to breath, focus - check (Depending on the martial art)

Practice ERP - Check++ (I swear, spending a lot of time in the guard or mount position is crazy ERP, same goes for the locker-room situation)

Work on your confidence and self-worth - checl (being able to defend yourself and others, is a huge confidence boost)

Did i miss anything? As always, please leave a quick "read it" note or your thoughts, so we can see who is paying attention.

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Has this been helping you personally? CKarma-the girl!

@CKarma Matter of fact, it has. I said this before, but having a good day in the dojo, always puts everything into perspective. Even a year ago or two years ago, when things were really bad - ocd wise - having a good practice session made everything easier. Showering with the other dudes, hugging it out (not during the showering of course haha), getting really intimate during some exercises.

Me personally, i always was and am a little lazy with ERP, and meditation, but i want to learn and practice martial arts, it is my calling, so to speak. In turn this forced ERP upon me; if an intesne and private grappling sessions with my handsome coach isn’t erp, then i don’t know what is :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, i get intrusive thoughts at times, and the sheer proximity to the guys alone makes these tough, but since i want to study the techniques, i get over it rather quickly

If i had the money i would go to the gym,but things aren't so great in my fantastic life :(

@Predator202 look for a cheap option then. Advice given on this side, might never be a 100% fit for everybody, but can be applied by anybody to there specific situation.

Nice post olongjohnson..self confidence is so important when dealing with hocd...how we look at outselves and how we could accept ourselves for who we are with our flaws and also stop thinking negative all the time can in itself help with hocd.
P.S. I always thought ckarma was a guy too :P


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