I struggle to sleep

I struggle to sleep

one thing that really helped me, was not having any caffeine, for a few days. Then I switched to decaf, and London fog/matcha latte only before noon. Especially if you already have anxiety, even a tiny bit of caffeine can keep your body awake and even more hyper vigilant. Instead drink milk, which had TRP that helps you sleep. I recommend eating Turkey or pastas for dinner, drinking some milk, and on my phone I keep the brightness as low as b=possible throughout the day. I find the screen lights really keep me up.

I already do these things :(
I'm officially off caffeine.
I like the idea of having pasta for dinner. Thank you

Have you tried valerian or another natural sleep aid?

I tried melochew. But I won't be able to use that one I get pregnant.
I either sleep too much or too little

Have you tried meditation? There is a relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra that is very helpful in sleepless nights. Insight Timer is a great place to start.

I did. I also use relaxing music and lullabies to help me sleep. But it’s still not enough: (

I struggle with sleep too. I'd suggest something here, but it's sounding like you've tried everything. So did I. But I still.... can't.... sleep. How do you keep functioning? I am constantly having to tell myself 'I can do this' and pushing through it even though I'm so sleep deprived, among other issues.

so do I Its worse if something on my mind . lately i wake up at about 6 am. chances of much sleep in the next few days is slim. Meditation is said to work . I try herbal tablets and have a crystal under my pillow.

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