I struggle with self love in many ways. As a man i tend to p

i struggle with self love in many ways. As a man i tend to put a lot of people ahead of my own needs in the work place and at home. What do you do to break this trend and begin teaching yourself that you deserve love even as a man.

- Im also going to therapy about this so am getting professional help-

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Jay, Self Esteem is a difficult emotion. Most everyone could use a boost of self esteem. Get yourself a Journal and start writing in it daily. Never close your Journal until you have written something positive about yourself and the day. If you can't think of something good, then write how well you were dressed. Something positive about YOU! Create a list of things about you, that you want to change for the better. Make it a realistic list.

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I journal but I never thought off making it into something we’re I could
Positively influence myself. Thank you so much for the advice. I’ll keep that in mind.

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@JayBlack, it’s something many therapists suggest to their patients. Give yourself credit. Praise yourself and think about your gifts. Are you a decent person? Are you a caring individual? Do you work hard? Do you think of others that could use a helping hand? Are you respectful? Are you positive instead of down most of the time? Look for things that will make you a better person. A better employee. A better friend. A better sibling and adult child. And remember the Golden rule… I was raised by it, Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. There’s much truth in that. Instead of looking at the bad in yourself and in others and in life. Work at looking for the good. Often, if you make people feel good about themselves. You’ll feel good too. And they in turn will make others feel good also. It can be very contagious.

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