I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. This makes me very lo

I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. This makes me very lonely as I find it impossible to put myself out there. It's really gotten worse over the years and I'm suffering. Any ideas on how to overcome social anxiety?

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Sorry you are having to cope with SA disorder. Maybe you have taken the first good step by being brave enough to post in SG? There are many many many of us broken here...but we keep showing up, keep sharing our deepest, scariest, thoughts, dreams and desperate emotional needs.
Try to write out ALL the reasons you are triggered about social anxiety and loneliness...
It is a very difficult time due to covid to try to overcome this by meeting and hanging out. For now-How about writing about anything that ever made you happy, felt included, were "part of the Tribe" etc...? Interests, hobbies? Possible mainstream online groups that you could join shared ideas, subject topics? Animals or music? I can support you :)

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@Littlesis7 I remember being part of a gaming community a little back in the day

Social Anxiety is (IMO anyways) one of the worst types of severe anxiety to suffer from, at least for me. It is one thing (for me) to have to suffer panic, and anxiety when it comes to something bad, that is pretty normal in a way - it is just that we people (I do) who suffer from Anxiety attacks have worse anxiety than the average person, and that is why it is a problem we need to overcome.
But to have anxiety over SIMPLY GOING OUT AND BEING IN PUBLIC??!!
That is absolutely terrible, I hate it! I don't suffer SA as bad as some people, my best friend has it and he struggles sometimes just to go into Walmart. He has to sit in the car for 10m to calm down and prepare himself mentally. to the average person who doesn't suffer anxiety this must sound completely INSANE! Like seriously your friend can't go in Walmart? that's ridiculous - but he does REALLY SUFFER from this, and it is so sad. I Wish I could help him :-(
But I will tell you what I suggest like I told my friend, You have to push through it. Get into some support groups, and GO... JUST MAKE YOURSELF GO, and talk about it. Whatever "your specific SA issue is" you need to use positive self talk and tell yourself

"that its okay, you won't get hurt, you have to go, you have to get over this - You have to get used to living through this stuff and not letting it control you"

It depends if you are like my friend who's problem is Walmart or other busy places drive there, pull into a parking spot, and MAYBE watch a video on YouTube or something else that calms you down, AND do the self talk, and maybe a breathing exercise or 2. That is for SA revolving around busy places. MY PERSONAL ISSUE with Social Anxiety is of a different sort. I am completely and utterly scared of relationships, I won't let myself go near anyone, because I have such social anxiety, that I tell myself I will just push them away, and the end result is I am all alone, have been unhappily single for 7 years (unhappily meaning I would like to be with someone, NOT MEANING that I cannot be happy by myself, because I can, I just wish I wasn't) I do therapy with a wonderful therapist 3 FREAKING DAYS A WEEK!!! I am working on myself so much, because there is so much about myself I want to fix, or at least "get better with / or on"..
My social anxiety about relationships (friendships included) has blossomed into much more, like depression, and Self-Hatred. I have yet to figure out a way to nullify my own SA.. But hopefully YOU CAN SUCCEED, where I have yet to. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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I feel like coming up with baby step to be around people more often may help. The lil step I do weekly is spark convo with stranger which I struggle sometimes still. I usually do that at dog park. If the conversation awkward or whatever I don’t feel as anxious because I probably won’t see that person again. I struggle long time with this. I feel I still do. I can talk to people better, but feel like I don’t belong around others or that people don’t really like me that much at times. Working on issues related to self esteem has helped me. I’ve done counseling and workbook exercises related to trauma and healing from that. Also, having to deal with people on daily basis at work has helped me overcome that. Many people I feel like have this struggle. Many people out there kind and mean well. Try not to let this overwhelm and take over your life.... what specifically are you struggling with when it comes to talking to other people? Has anything helped you with this before?

I hope you are feeling better today Lauren, I am here for you, and I am sure there are others as well on here. I know that isn't the same as IRL, but It has to be worth something right :-)

thank you, just saw your post now…im feeling alot better these days as my medication makes me feel more bold. i have a few friends now. how are you doing?

Do you still feel anxious around people or social events coming up, or not? At all?