I swore I would never online date again. I married a women I

I swore I would never online date again. I married a women I met online who was from Brazil and we are divorced now but the whole relationship was a lie and all she did was lie and left me when she got citizenship and it cost me thousands of dollars. I am a very honest guy. I came here to join other support groups to help get over the pain of the relationship and thought I would comment on this site too in the hopes that maybe someone out there can send me some support and hope for perhaps trying online dating again. Thanks and Nameste

Accept that you were happy and the journey had ended. Even if it were a lie. Say to yourself sorry that we couldn't be together when you think of that person, in your heart. That you are ready to move on, not because you're brave, but because you've something important in life that you want to build or accomplish.
And focus imagining of that something of something taking place right there. Every time when you have time.
Focus your attention.

@Rollingbean The sad part is I was not even happy in the relationship. In hindsite the lie was there from day one and I felt it but did not heed it. But thanks Rollingbean for the comment/advice. Easier said than done though. I am indeed working on it/refocusing albeit one day at a time. I am finding though that it is Time and time to process the grief of emotions of the ending that seems to be the ultimate healer for me

Don't lose your mind to someone who did it on purpose.

You're welcome:)
Try this.
Now clench your fist, tighter, more tighter. How is it?
Now let go. How does it feel?
Do you understand now?

Exercising and listening to music helps too.

sad to hear that but life is short to waste it on being lonely and in pain. divert your attention to the thing that really matter right now--and that's yourself. =D cheer up!

That is what I am doing thanks R18

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That could just as easily happen with an American girl.... Marriage is difficult for most people....

@wellwellwell Thanks for your support and yes it can happen to both sexes and from people of all countries probably and does everyday from what I hear so I know I am not alone in this. Yes marriage I believe is a decision and takes work to make it work and if only one person wants to make it work and the other doesn’t it will never work. By the way I am from Canada and again thanks for your support and comment and I wish you all the best.

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