I think I did the ****** move. I sent a birthday gift video

I think I did the ****** move. I sent a birthday gift video to a friend of mine on Discord yesterday. He thanked me and I gave a heart emoji. He didn't reply, but then I received a message from his girlfriend, saying that I was flirting, but I wasn't. Not only she said that I was flirting, but she said that I made him very uncomfortable and he doesn't want to speak to me again. I'm honestly shocked right now. This wasn't how it was supposed to be this way. I'm gonna lose some friends because of one simple mistake.

Try to reach out to the person you sent the video to and explain things to him.

@Jordan5683 I apologised to him, but he hasn’t responded to it.

I think he and she really overreacted.! It was a misunderstanding. Let it be. Later in life you will probably talk again after things relax.
It was a misunderstanding. Don’t apologize again except to say you are sorry they misunderstood or something like that. A general apology may look like you are apologizing for flirting with him.
The dynamics of THEIR relationship is a HUGE part of what caused the tension.
Just be cool and give it time.
Could be that those two don’t have a very healthy relationship.
Could be that you are seen by her as a threat?
Or could be that he really isn’t/wasn’t a friend.

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@105 Technically, we used to be friends (not anymore after his girlfriend had told me). They did have some arguments, but I’m not gonna say why.

Well, I hope you are ok.
Probably good to leave them alone.
My opinion, when and if they break up; If you are not far away, somehow you may be blamed for at least some of there problems.
Have a great weekend.

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@105 Thank you. You too.