I think I had the worst dream ever .. Not sexual or anything

I think I had the worst dream ever .. Not sexual or anything .
I was in my university and my teacher used my computer session on the big screen of our class and I was anxious because I was Effraid we would see something embarrassing .
The teacher then went on google and wrote "homosexuality" on Google and we all saw that internet pages were already opened (really embarrassing for me) then he clicked on the link "difference between repressed homosexuality and HOCD" or "repressed homosexuality symptoms" and I freaked out (it was an empty closet link I think)
Is my mind telling me I am latent homosexual ?

Yeah my teacher was a bi*** on this dream (like he really wanted to make me sad)

Whenever I get my doubts I look at ocdla for help because they always get the anxiety down for a t least a little while. They always say there isn't such thing as latent homosexuality. It's like having the hair color that you have. You don't deny it, you just know and accept it. So if you're worrying about being in latent, it sounds like HOCD kicking in.I hope this helps

@Trev89 Yeah, latent is a Freudian idea that has no evidence to support the notion. Sadly some people still follow Freudian ways though.

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